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We are exceptionally fortunate with our team of battlefield guides.  Most have operational military service that enables them to understand the experience of our forebears on the battlefields of the past.  They are recognised experts in their field, the result of years of research and travel to historic places.

Their passion for guiding coupled with their expert knowledge ability as story-tellers enables them to bring the past to life for you; on the very ground where dramatic and moving events took place. We focus on the individual experience, rather than strategy or machines. We find that many of our travellers are more interested in the life of the private soldier than the general.

We will help you to understand what it was like for our ancestors who created an empire that spanned the globe and fought for our freedom in two World Wars and the many smaller emergencies before and since. You will discover how these very ordinary men endured hardship, danger and discomfort to achieve extraordinary results – in the face of  challenging climates, determined enemies and, at times, unreliable allies.  

Hear the stories of men and women who served their country to the best of their ability and, often, astonished the world. In the immortal words of Lawrence Binyon, Great War Poet, we are determined that:

“We will remember them”

Many of our guides are members of the Guild of Battlefield Guides whilst several hold the coveted badge of the Guild - a visible sign of their commitment and competence.  Their expertise spans centuries of warfare and four continents.


Our NEW 2021 Canadian website: Note: Our secure Canadian Website is currently DORMANT because of Covid. Once the situation improves we will once again be online for all Canadian bookings! New tours include our brand new Canal Boat Battlefield Cruise/Tours in France & Belgium plus our superb WW2 2020 80th Anniversary Battle of Britain Tour and our 2020 Bomber Command Tour!

New 2021 Australian Battlefields website now released!

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