The lives lived by our parents and grandparents have placed us socially, economically and geographically where we are today – the past has shaped the present.
Much of the Twentieth Century was scarred by two major wars that changed society and nations and also the lives of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents.  However the First and Second World Wars do not stand in isolation, conflicts large and small from pre-history to the present day have both destroyed and ennobled lives.  War brings out the very best and the very worst in the human soul and to ignore this is to do so at our peril.           

To know about the past is to open the doors to history and so to learn more about ourselves. To visit the old battlegrounds with Spirit of Remembrance is to make these discoveries with people who share our values and our passion for truth.  For veterans it can mean closure with their youth – a youth in which the burden of heavy responsibility – of life and death - was placed on the shoulders of what were essentially still boys and girls.  For their relatives and families to make a visit to Normandy, Italy, Gallipoli, Africa or the Far East is to gain an insight into this strange, terrifying and sometimes ennobling world that they lived and fought through.

Come with us and open the doors of history.  
Very best wishes
The SoR Team


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