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2018 Canada World War 1 Tours 4 Nights/5 Days July/Sept
2018 Canada World War 2 Tours 6 Nights/7 Days July/Sept

 Picture library for Caberet Rouge WW1 Cemetery and the Canadian Connection! 

The Canadian Army has fought with enormous distinction and bravery in the Second Boer War, The First World War and the Second World War. The stunning First World War Vimy Ridge War memorial in France is a fitting tribute to the sacrifice, bravery and professionalism of the men of the Canadian Corps who captured this key feature in April 1917. The First World War cost Canada over 60,000 men killed on the killing fields of the Western Front, with tens of thousands also badly wounded.

2019: 75th Anniversary Tour: D-Day. Brave Beyond belief
Canadian troops fought in the Intervention War in Russia, in Hong Kong in the Second World War where its first VC of the war was won, the grim raid at Dieppe and in fighting in Sicily, Italy and North West Europe, including landing on the Normandy beaches on D-Day.

Canadian troops also fought with great distinction in Korea and are currently committed to operations in Afghanistan. Since 1962 Canadian forces have played a major part in Peace Keeping Operations in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and former Yugoslavia.

2019: Bomber Command Tours: 'Bravest of the Brave'
AND that’s not forgetting the amazing amount of history  - especially  for WW2 - where thousands and thousands of Canadian aircrew were based in the UK and flew with the RAF in Fighter and Bomber Command, as well as Coastal Command and Pathfinder Squadrons. In the RAF Bomber Command alone over 10,000 Canadian airmen were killed in action.

So, what makes us so special and what can we do for you for your Canadian battlefield or Remembrance Tour? Simply put - we create ‘tailor made’ remembrance and battlefield tours specifically designed to YOUR  individual needs. Our ability to create any travel itinerary or tailor make a special itinerary for you, from 1 person to 500 makes us unique. We can mix and match by accommodation, transport and specific itinerary to suit your requirements and your budget - using wherever possible upmarket accommodation and modern transport options with our dedicated expert historian/guide.

We can also create either ‘drive yourself’ tours or mini-bus driver/guide  tours (also with an expert historian/guide). 

Our tours can cater for all types of people and all types of itineraries: individuals, small groups, family groups and larger groups. Of great importance is that our Battlefield and Remembrance tours are NOT a 10 minute bus stop in a car park near a battle ground. We ‘walk the actual ground’ where your Canadian ancestors fought’, i.e. WW1 and the Western Front, often pinpointing the area where they fell (the Somme, Ypres, Vimy, Passchendaele etc and we visit their graves or Canadian memorials wherever possible.


Our NEW 2021 Canadian website: Note: Our secure Canadian Website is currently DORMANT because of Covid. Once the situation improves we will once again be online for all Canadian bookings! New tours include our brand new Canal Boat Battlefield Cruise/Tours in France & Belgium plus our superb WW2 2020 80th Anniversary Battle of Britain Tour and our 2020 Bomber Command Tour!

New 2021 Australian Battlefields website now released!

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