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How can we help you use this website and the social media that you will have access to as a member?  If you have a question please ask us by completing this form - click here.  Remember, if you do not know how to do something or what something means then chances are there are others who would love to know too!


Q & A

Q: What do the arrows next to the headers mean?

A: They mean that there are subheading so move your mouse down the list and click on the one that interests you.


Q: What do the red words mean?

A: Wherever there are red words this means that there are further pages behind which may be of interest.  Simply click on the red. You can always return to your previous page by the back arrow top left of screen.


Q: What is social media?

A: A way to connect with other people on the website and to store photos, videos and much more.


Q: Can I look at the image gallery and the videos and read items on the forums?

A: Yes, but in order to add your own and ask questions you will need to be a member.


Q: Why should I become a member and how do I join?

A: By becoming a member you have full use of all sections of the website.  To join simply click here


Q: Can the public see my comments and photos

A: NO, only you will be able to see your page.  Other members will be able to see items you have shared with them.  Should you wish to keep your photos private you can do this or share them with only the friends you select


Q: There are lots of pages on the SoR website which go through to other websites, how does this work?

A: We wish to make your experience with SoR as easy as possible so we have put a frame around the external websites.  This means that you are still going through to the official websites but you can do it without leaving our website.  


Q: I can't see the Google Earth Maps?  What do I do?

A: All you need to do is click the button on the map to add the necessary application onto your computer.  Once you have done this you will not have to do it again.  If you have problems then click here to load Google Earth


Q: I am in the armed forces or am an ex-service person how do I access discounted travel?

A: We are proud to support you and have a dedicated section of the website called Armed Forces Discounts. These discounts are only available to you.




Our NEW 2020 Canadian website now released! New tours include our brand new Canal Boat Battlefield Cruise/Tours in France & Belgium plus our superb WW2 2020 80th Anniversary Battle of Britain Tour and our 2020 Bomber Command Tour!

New 2020 Australian Battlefields website now released!

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