Post 1945: The History of British Military Conflicts since 1945

For British and Commonwealth troops military operations since 1945 have been a mixture of low level counter-insurgency operations like the Emergency in Malaya in the 1950s and violent full blown wars like Korea, Suez, the Falklands and the Gulf Wars in which armour, artillery naval gunfire support backed infantry who had to clear enemy positions that were well prepared and protected.

The counter-insurgency campaigns were often fought to provide stability for colonies that were soon to become independent but which were faced by insurgent groups that had the potential to de-stabilise the country.  These campaigns were often long drawn out, exhausting and appeared to have no obvious point at which soldiers and their political master could declare “victory”.  

Some of the post war campaigns by British and Commonwealth forces have been controversial and have not enjoyed popular support at home.  However there has been increasing support for soldiers injured in the line of duty for their bereaved families.



We are always searching for websites developed and maintained by knowledgable people with a passion to seek out the truth and to provide comprehensive information to help our visitors.  The website detailed below has impressed us due both to their attention to detail and their attitude.  We complement it's creators Martin Spirit and James Paul and appreciate the contirbution made by the late David Carter.

 Dedicated to the Men and Women who served in Forgotten conflicts

India, Palestine, Malaya, Korea, Suez Canal Zone, Kenya, Cyprus, Suez 1956,  Borneo, Vietnam, Aden, Radfan, Oman, Dhofar,

Northern Ireland, the Falklands War, the Gulf War, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Iraq and many more.


Most people have heard of Britain's involvement in military conflicts in the later half of this century, such as the Falklands War and the Gulf War. What the younger generation does not realize is that soldiers, sailors, and airmen from Britain and the Commonwealth have been fighting small wars to defend Britain's shrinking empire since the end of World War Two.


From the insect ridden jungles of Malaya to the frozen hills of Korea, in the back streets of Aden and Cyprus, from the African bush of Kenya to the rain soaked hills of the Falkland Islands, young National Servicemen and regular British soldiers have been defending the British empire and her allies for the last 58 years. This is their story.


Britain's Small Wars Site Index

Mainland Ops
1945 onwards
This Green and Pleasant Land
1945 - 1948
Sunset on the Raj
1945 - 1948
Exodus & Outrage
1948 - 1960 
The Virgin Soldiers
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The Cold War
1949 - 1989
The Cold War
Korean War
1950 - 1957
A Police Action ?
Including Armistice period.
1951 - 1954
The Suppressed Story
1952 - 1960
Hunting The Mau Mau
1955 - 1959
Nicosia's Murder Mile
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1955 - 1967
The Barren Rocks of Aden
1955 - 1967
Into The Hills
Suez Canal
Assault The Canal
1962 - 1966
The War Against Sukarno
1962 - 1975
The Odd Angry Shot
Northern Ireland
The "Troubles"
Oman and Dhofar
1969 - 1976
The Desert Song
The Falklands War
Honour Regained
The Gulf War 1991
The Desert Rats Return
A Frustrating Mission
Back to the Balkans
Sierra Leone
Death and Diamonds
War on Terror
The War on Terror
Iraq 2003: Gulf War 2
Return to the Gulf
Riots, rebellions, peacekeepers and gunboats
 1945 - 2005
Riots, Rebellions, Gunboats and Peace Keepers
SAS Post War=
1945 - 2002
Post War SAS Operations



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