WW2 Battlefield Tour: "Raids, Rehearsals & Reverses" - Dieppe & Bruneval

The sacrifice and losses suffered in Operation Jubilee the amphibious raid on the French port of Dieppe on the morning of August 19, 1942 are seared into the Canadian national psyche.

Of the nearly 5,000 men of the 2nd Canadian Division who landed nearly 3,600 men had been killed, wounded or captured by midday.  In time and space these were losses as bad or worse than anything on the Western Front in World War I.  

It was also a morning that saw three Victoria Crosses won by a Colonel, a Captain and a Padre – for courage and selfless loyalty.

Spirit of Remembrance will return to Dieppe to honour the men who fought and died that summer morning.  In addition to Dieppe your time in France will include the airborne and amphibious raid on the German radar station at Bruneval in 1942 that gathered invaluable technical intelligence.  In addition we will visit St Valery the little port where the 51st Highland Division made a last stand in 1940.

We will be based in Dieppe an attractive town with a remarkable history as well as superb restaurants and shops.  The tour will be a unique experience – informative, enjoyable and moving.

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This made our eyes very moist.. Amazing men. Brave beyond belief.
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This will be truly truly amazing. Legendary film make Peter Jackson is working on a film for WW1 using old archival…
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Fantastic! Well done fellas! Ummm.. and what has Australia done recently for these remaining warriors.. Just asking…
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