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Why not a tour in the UK about the Intelligence : Beaulieu, Bletchley Park, etc. ?

Battle of Britain : airfields, martyred cities (Coventry, London, Plymouth, etc.).

Operation Dynamo : a part of the tour in France or how the BEF retreated from the frontline to Dunkirk; then in Dover, visit of the War Tunnels (Admiral Ramsey's headquarters) but also visiting some ports and studying the routes in the Channel (Navy supported by RAF).

Operation Tiger or how the rehearsal of D-Day became a disaster.

Allied Preparations for D-Day : PLUTO (Isle of Wight), camps, training fields (Scotland), Fortitude (3rd US Army in Kent), Tiger, cemetary where the victims of Tiger are buried along the railway London-Porstmouth.

The routes of the UK armies from D-Day to Berlin (UK zones).

Maquis du Vercors; Plateau des Glieres (French Resistance helped by the UK services); Oradour-sur-Glane.

The assassination of Heydrich in Czecoslowakia and the reprisals in Lidice.

What do you think of my suggestions ? What do you suggest ?

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Comment by Christopher Newbould on March 27, 2012 at 19:40

You have made some excellentm suggestions. Web are planning a tour that includes resistance activy and will include Oradour.

We also hope to introduce a tour that covers Operation DYNAMO, including Admiral Ramsay's HQ in Dover.

We also hope to introduce some UK tours that focus on the Royal Navy in historic ports such as Chatham, Portsmouth and Devonport (Plymouth). Bletchley Park is certainly a possibility as it is such an interesting site. But many of these would be day tours.


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