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We often forget that the Channel Islands were the only part of UK to be occupied. So a tour would be good and specially visiting the concentration camps on Aurigny; moreover, later after D-Day, the Channels were still occupied. Because they are islands, I suggest to cruise from a D-Day port in order to study the maritime routes and then navigate from an island to the other.

Another destination might be Bergen-Belsen : its liberation by UK troops in association with Anne Frank's life and/or the role of the medical support for the military as well for the deportees because of the epidemy which had started not long before the arrival of the Allies.

Nürnberg as the temple of the 3rd Reich in connection with the Olympic Games (1936) finally became the collapse of nazisme through the main trial, the first one of a serial of 13. Innovation : international court, condemned leaders, the beginning of simultaneous translation.

Technology at war : enigma, radars, tanks Churchill, artificial harbours, collapsible boats, submarines (only one man on board) phosphorus bombs, napalm, power of the air force, progresses in surgery, etc. Visits of museums, airfields, industries bombed during Blitzkrieg, etc.

The Luftwaffe tested their force in Spain : Guernica or a bombardment of civilians ... prelude in bombardments of Coventry, Liverpool, London, etc. So a tour starting in the Stuka factories in Germany, followed by a visit of Guernica and an introduction on Civil War; finally visit of one of the UK towns totally destroyed during Blitzkrieg.

Gibraltar as a key access to The Mediterranean Sea : reunion between De Gaulle and Giraud the day before Operation Torch + history of the UK occupation in the past centuries.

Another historical time : Britain was invaded and occupied successfully by the Romans (Hadrian Wall) and the Normands (Hastings), but Napoleon was defeated in any attempt to land in Britain. Comparison of fortifications, the power of NAVY, the Intelligence, coalitions, etc.

What do you think of my suggestions ?

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Comment by Christopher Newbould on March 27, 2012 at 19:35

Thank you for some good ideas. Gibraltar is certainly a possibility. I have led a tour there before.

The Channel Islands is also a good destination but it is difficult to compete with cheap package tours there. I will give it some thought because I would like to take a tour, particularly to Jersey.


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