Can you help those old codgers like me , who survived the second world war and before. I am in my ninety third year patched up and painted but still surviving.

I along with one or two friends created and run the National Ex Services Association web site.

We do not beg for money we just try to assist those who are not able. We do not provide finance we just provide whatever assistance and advice we can. We looked after each other when we served, we try to look after each other today. We are a family of ex service men and women/   Would you please publish the following information aimed at the families of the now forgotten heroes  

Arthur Lane,



A publicity tool for organizations which support the ex-forces community.

About the NESA messaging system.

About NESA

NESA (the National Ex Services Association) is a voluntary organization whose aim is to serve as a publicity tool for other organizations which work on behalf of the UK’s Armed Forces’ and Ex Armed Forces’ communities.

The National Ex Services Association website ( is a free tool to help publicise the contact details, missions, news, charity appeals, events, association meetings and campaign updates of organizations which have the welfare of the UK’s ex-servicemen and women at heart.

To learn more about the history of NESA please visit our website.

How Your Organization Can Use The NESA Messaging System

If your organization is registered within our directory, if you have corresponded with us in the past, or if your organization’s email address is publicly advertised, you will have received an email from This email invites your organization to take advantage of our free and safe news messaging system. The email introduces this service and should also contain a copy of the Nesa Messaging System – User Guide.

The email address of your organization (to which the email from was sent) should also receive an email from who power the NESA Messaging System. This second email (from invites your organization to register a user account within the NESA Messaging System. As well as being found at the National Ex Services Website, the NESA Messaging System can be viewed at

If you do not wish to employ the National Ex Services Association website to help publicize your organization’s news you can totally ignore the emails sent to you (i.e. Simply Do Not verify your account or accept the invitation to register as a user).

If you do wish to employ the NESA web-site to help publicize your organization and its work and you have not received a NESA Messaging System introductory email then you can request one by filling in the form found here.

About the NESA Messaging System.

The system is for the use of ex service organizations who have registered with the National Ex Services Association.

Registering for FREE will enable your organization to display your charity events, appeals, campaign updates, association news and meeting dates to ex-servicemen/women and their supporters all over the world.

If your organization or branch is not already registered you can do so here: NESA REGISTER

If your organization is already registered then you should soon receive an email from indicating that the system is ready for you to use. You should then receive a further email containing your log in details.

In the meantime please be patient as the system is still being tested.

NESA aims to offer a free central web base which serves as a publicity tool for many types of organizations all having the welfare of ex-servicemen/women at heart.

The old news boards can still be viewed HERE.

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