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Great War seen by Prince William

William says Great War was a 'terrible chapter in our history' as he launches fundraising drive
The Prince, accompanied by Kate, was attending a reception at the Imperial War Museum in London to launch a £35million fundraising effort to transform its First World War galleries...

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Australians at Bullecourt in 1917 : ANZAC Day

In April, 1917, the British launch an attack in front of Arras in anticipation of the French offensive of the Chemin des Dames. General Cough, having under its orders, four Australian divisions, proposes a additional assault between Bullecourt and Quéant, two key points of the Line Hindenburg.

Seen the success in front of Arras, Cough moves forward its attack without the support of the artillery but with 12 tanks. This improvised attack ends in a disaster: the Australian losses are of…


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A new private museum in Langemark-Poelkapelle from

Stijn Butaye, owner of Pondfarm, has transformed it into a war museum. This farm was in the middle of the front line during WW1. As numerous foughts took place there for centuries, the owner found different war material from the 19th century.Nevertheless he found pictures from 1914. In his research, he was helped by the Imperial War Museum.

Up to now he welcomes groups as well as independant tourists. He is now actilvely preparing for the centenary 1914-1918.

He has published a…


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Flanders Fields Museum in Ypres reopens in June 2012

The restoration of Flanders Fields Museum is pretty finished : next June the visitor will have a bigger space of discovery and can admire the city from the belfry. At the beginning of the visit, in exchange of one euro, each visitor receives a poppy bracelet which he can take to remember !

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Major Ronald Cartland, laid to rest at Hotton

Among the 647 identified Commonwealth war dead at Hotton War Cemetery is one of the first British MPs to be killed in action during World War II, Major Ronald Cartland, the brother of novelist Barbara Cartland.

Before being elected a Conservative MP in 1935, Cartland had worked in the Conservative Party Central Office. He was a strong supporter of Winston Churchill who later called him “a man of noble spirit who spoke fearlessly for Britain”. After the Munich Agreement in September…


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Who is the Unknown Soldier ? by Leah McDonald, Elrose, Saskatchewan

He is the one that led the way

so the general could make it home;

She is the one who saved the child and was left to die alone.

His dreams were cut off

by his untimely death;

Her innocence shattered

by her last shallow breath.

He is the voice

that echoes our pride;

She is the eyes, that

for our freedom, cried.

He is the rain

that waters our souls;

She is the river

holding secrets untold.

He’s in the wave



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60th Anniversary Garden Party at Ypres

On June 16th 2012 the RBL-Ypres organises a garden party at St Georges Church Hall in Ypres. The program starts at 14:30 and finishes with Last Post at Menin Gate at 8:00pm.

More details on Facebook page of RBL Ypres.

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Forthcoming BBC & Channel 5 programmes. Paul Reed M.A.

Paul Reed. Lecturer and Military historian of WW1 and WW2 has two new programmes being shown in May of this year.

The first is 'Dig WW2' which will be broadcast on BBC2

The second is 'Hero in My Family' which will be broadcast on Channel 5.

Unfortunately no exact dates and times are set.

However, it is certain that these programmes will be of interest to the members of Spirit of Remembrance.

Paul is also currently involved in a future TV production relating to…


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“Allies: Canadians and British During the Second World War”

The Juno Beach Centre presents a temporary exhibit illustrating the many ways in which Britons and Canadians came to know each other and the record of effort and sacrifice common to both countries as they fought to preserve the heritage of liberty and democracy. This event ends in December 2012.

For more information :

Juno Beach Centre

Voie des Français Libres, BP 104

14470 Courseulles-sur-Mer, France



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HMS Vindictive’s Role : HMS cruiser plays crucial role in raid on Belgian ports

Every year there are moving commemoration services in both Zeebrugge and Dover to commemorate those lost in raids on Zeebrugge and Oostende harbours in April and May of 1918.

Many brave men lost their lives in these attacks, which were of limited success, and eight Victoria crosses were awarded as a result of the raids.

On the night of 22nd April 1918, the Royal Navy's Dover Patrol launched a daring raid on the German fortifications at the harbour of Zeebrugge. The German…


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Canadian Memorial at Tigelot

On 2nd November1944, a Handley Page Halifax bomber MZ-829 KNX-Y was shot down, while returning from a bombing raid over Düsseldorf, Germany. The Halifax bomber ripped through the Belgian skies, crashing in the small village of Jalhay, Belgium. A crew of seven manned the Halifax; a pilot and co-pilot worked the enclosed flight deck, a navigator/bombardier/gunner, radio operator, flight engineer, and two gunners in the fuselage. All seven crew members were killed in action, six Canadians and…


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How America remembers WW1

We found this article and interesting film about how America remembers World War 1 and we would appreciate hearing your thoughts.

Do you believe that there is an increased interest in learning more about the First World War? If so, is the…


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