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Is there a "War hero in your Family"? Come and find out with Spirit of Remembrance. Exploring family history, as the growth of publications and television programmes has shown, can be absorbing and fascinating.
Rhydian Vaughan leads a group of driver/guides and researchers who will be able to develop your family history and create the perfect personal tour
In the 20th Century few families in Europe and North America were untouched by the impact of the two World Wars.  

The cost varies depending upon the duration, where you wish to visit and the type of accommodation, however you should expect to pay about £300 per person per day.  We specialise in luxury platinum tours which include Mercedes Viano 6 seater and magnificent chateau accommodation - the sky is literally the limit, we can include helicopter and fix winged tours.

 In Europe the lines of white headstones in military cemeteries tell the sad tale of sacrifice.  However conflict has many facets and not all of it is grim - the children and grandchildren of the GI brides who left the United Kingdom for a new life in the USA are discovering their British roots and also the ETO – European Theater of Operations in which their ancestors served.For British, Commonwealth and Allied families a personal tour can be journey of discovery.  Spirit of Remembrance will take the traveller across the country and back through time until they meet the young man or woman who went to war 70 or almost 100 years ago and learn about his life and the conflict in which he or she played a part.Arthur Lawrence (seen right) is now 97 years old and living in Kent, a veteran of the famous "Forgotten Army" who fought in Burma.  Arthur talks with his great niece Melody Foreman of his experiences in October edition of
 TN24.  Detailed below is a photo of Arthur and his friends - are you related to them?

"Who were they?" Tours

  • Inspired by the popular BBC TV show in the UK 
Who do you think you are?”, the NBC US series "Who do you think you are?" and the Australian Channel Nine series "In their footsteps" series and Channel 5's new "War Hero In My Family" - you can discover the story of your military ancestor

  • Whether you start with limited information about a military ancestor or detailed knowledge we can help
  • We will link you up with a
researcher guide or a genealogist
  • Together you build the story of the relative: who were they & what did they do?
  • Your guide or genealogist will take you through the archives or visit on your behalf and send you the information
  • As the story grows the guide will create a tour
  • Together you select the mode of transport: private car, flight, train etc
  • Together you select the type of accommodation: historic, atmospheric, unique at a suitable price
  • Add in meals, museums, activities, visiting personalities and events
  • Add in any special extras: a medic, wreaths
  • You have your perfect custom designed tour
  • The memories and experiences will last forever as
    you will receive a bound book of the story and the journey to view time and time again and pass down through your family.

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Free travel Grants to help you We are eager to assist
 Second World War veterans journey to destinations where they saw action.  Its
 FREE and you deserve it!
 The Big Lottery Fund has funds to pay for you, a partner and a carer so
 click here to learn more about Heroes Return Grants so talk to your friends and family and take advantage of these grants. War Widows and Widowers who lost their partners prior to 1967 since when repatriations have take place, are entitled to receive a
 FREE visit to their partners grave. The Ministry of Defence has fund allocated to you and we believe that you should avail yourselves of this money.

Over the years I have spoken many of you and I am always amazed by your strength and resolution. You are very special people and we believe that you deserve to receive a grant. Many destinations previously closed to visitors such as Ambon in Indonesia are now open for you to visit. The War Widows Association is here to help you. To learn more 
click here. Just call us and we can take your details and start the process to obtain your
 MoD War Widow Grant.



Our NEW 2020 Canadian website now released! New tours include our brand new Canal Boat Battlefield Cruise/Tours in France & Belgium plus our superb WW2 2020 80th Anniversary Battle of Britain Tour and our 2020 Bomber Command Tour!

New 2020 Australian Battlefields website now released!

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