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About Will:

Will Fowler began a career in journalism and publishing focussing on current affairs, defence technology and military history in the 1970s.

In 1998 he set up Jane's Amphibious Warfare Capabilities a reference work on the world's marine and amphibious forces.  In 2002 Harper/Collins published Commandos at Dieppe – Rehearsal for D-Day the first full account of the attack by No 4 Commando.  In 2004 Weidenfeld & Nicolson published Operation Barras the SAS Rescue Mission Sierra Leone 2000 and in 2009 We Gave Our Today Burma 1941 – 1945. In 2010 Ian Allan published The Secret War in Italy about a unique formation No 1 Italian SAS.

 A long time Territorial Army (TA) soldier he was commissioned into the 4th Battalion the Royal Green Jackets and volunteered for service in the First Gulf War of 1990-91.  In 1993 he graduated as a French Army Reserve Staff Officer (ORSEM) from the Ecole Militaire, Paris. 

Will is married and he and his wife share their home in Romsey, Hampshire with two lively Border Terriers   

Will has developed a fascinating tour to Dieppe and Brunevel in France called Raids, Rehearsals and Reverses.  He is well placed to lead this tour as he wrote "The Commandos at Dieppe" (soon to be released as an ebook or from Amazon see below).  Further information about Will is on his website


Areas of expertise (conducted tours to):
First World War
Somme, Ypres

2nd World War
NormandyPegasus Bridge


Russia: Barbarossa


Blitzkrieg, Eastern Front

Secret world of the Spy

Sri Lanka

Special Forces (Escape & evasion)

Arms & equipment

Criminal Record Bureau Checked:
(cleared to work with all age groups)

Available for:
Group and personal tours for all age groups

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