Group Tours

There is a dynamic to a group tour that cannot be replicated in any other form of tour.  

Old friends unite, individuals find new friends, in the evening groups split off to explore or relax while during the day everyone shares the experience of the tour. Friendships can endure long after a tour is over and travellers plan to take a tour together in subsequent summers.

Where for family or a veteran a tour is also a pilgrimage the group becomes almost an extended family sharing and valuing the experience.  

Sometimes there are travellers with detailed knowledge of a soldier, equipment or an incident that features in the tour – some of these travellers are veterans - all have their unique take on history.  

Spirit of Remembrance guides bring out this knowledge and the individual's contribution to the tour. Contact us to start creating your tour.

Free travel Grants to help you

We are eager to assist Second World War veterans journey to destinations where they saw action.  Its FREE and you deserve it!  The Big Lottery Fund has funds to pay for you, a partner and a carer so click here to learn more about Heroes Return Grants.  The travel must take place before December 31st, 2012, so talk to your friends and family and take advantage of these grants. This grant is for WW2 veterans from  the UK. 

War Widows and Widowers who lost their partners prior to 1967 since when repatriations have take place, are entitled to receive a FREE visit to their partners grave. The Ministry of Defence has fund allocated to you and we believe that you should avail yourselves of this money.  Over the years I have spoken many of you and I am always amazed by your strength and resolution. You are very special people and we believe that you deserve to receive a grant. Many destinations previously closed to visitors such as Ambon in Indonesia are now open for you to visit. The War Widows Association is here to help you. To learn more click hereJust call us and we can take your details and start the process to obtain your MoD War Widow Grant.

There is also a Big Lottery community grant called Awards for All which is available to a group of likeminded people who are seeking to travel together.  For further information click here.


Our NEW 2020 Canadian website now released! New tours include our brand new Canal Boat Battlefield Cruise/Tours in France & Belgium plus our superb WW2 2020 80th Anniversary Battle of Britain Tour and our 2020 Bomber Command Tour!

New 2020 Australian Battlefields website now released!

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