Karenko POW Camp Memorial

We will also hold the dedication ceremony for the soon to be completed Karenko POW Camp Memorial on Monday November 12th in Hualien. This year we will have the family of Major-General Beckwith-Smith DSO MC with us. Major-General Beckwith-Smith was the commanding officer of the British 18th Division, sent by Churchill to "save Singapore" but as history recalls, the island was lost before the contingent even arrived. Thus the 35,000 men of the entire division were sacrificed, something that Churchill and the British Gov't tried to cover up for years.  All of those men needlessly became prisoners of war and thousands died in the next 3 1/2 years in camps on the Death Railway, Taiwan, Borneo, Japan and other places. Major-General Beckwith-Smith died at Karenko Camp in Hualien on November 11, 1942 - Remembrance Day, and his family are here to pay tribute to him and will take part in the memorial dedication service.

Time: November 12, 2012 all day

Location: Hualien

City/Town: Taiwan

Website or Map: http://www.powtaiwan.org/index.php

Event Type: ww2, taiwan, memorial, remembrance