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Our experienced ex-service battlefield guides have put together a wide assortment of tours ranging from Waterloo to the Malaysian Emergency.  From day trips ex London and Paris to extended tours.  We specialise in viewing history in the First and Second World Wars from Australian, American, British and Canadian perspectives - presented by ex-service battlefield guides who have a deep understanding and appreciation of each nation and their people. We also offer sample itineraries for those requiring ideas for group or personal itineraries.

Detailed below is a list of all our tours, however you can filter your selection by using the pull down options. You decide the year of travel, your field of interest, (Australian, British etc.), which period of conflict (WW1, WW2 etc), the departure city or country that suits you best

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1 DAY (Night/Day) Tour EX Paris to Villers-Bretonnuex

Please join us for this very unique 99th Anniversary Anzac Day at Villers-Bretonneux.

Tuesday 25 Apr 2017

In the ANZAC Footsteps 3 Nights /4 Days

These tours are tailor made and explicitly designed to take you to the battlegrounds of the WW1 Western Front where the Australian and New Zealand troops earnt a fierce reputation as the best shock troops in the Allied ranks due to their ferocity and bravery in battle. It was here - along with the appalling casualties in the mud and death of Flanders fields where the real ANZAC tradition was born - along with the foundation of the two nations independence from Britain. Join us for this amazing tour

2016 Departures 

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Fromelles-Pozieres Centenary Tour 2016

Please join us for this very unique 'once in a hundred years' event at Fromelles and Pozieres.

When The Great War came to an end in 1918, Australia was left to come to terms with a war where in 2 ½ years over 46,000 men died on the Western Front with over 215.000 total casualties. Militarily however by the end of the war Australians were regarded as among the best fighting troops in the BEF. On this special tour we follow in their footsteps where this fearsome reputation was forged.

Highlights: Fromelles July 1916 – we commemorate the 100th anniversary of this bloody catastrophe The Somme 1916 – Pozieres – where “Australian troops … fell more thickly on this ridge than on any other battlefield of the war”. Also Mouquet Farm Wellington Tunnels, Arras – a tribute to the work of New Zealand tunnellers The great 1917 battles for the ANZACs at Bullecourt, Messines and Passchendaele • Villers Bretonneux – where Australia saved the day in 1918 The Last 100 days – Follow the ANZACS as they spearhead the Allied advance to victory through Amiens, Peronne and the St Quentin Canal.

18-24 July 2016

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Canadians at War - The Great War

At 10.58 hours in the Belgian village of Ville-sur-Haine on November 11, 1918 a single 7.92mm round fired by a German soldier hit Private George Lawrence Price of "A" Company, 28th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force. Lawrence died instantly. Two minutes later at 11.00 hours the First World War ended .. Join us for Canadians in France & Belgium Anniversary Tour.


04-07 July 2016  05-08 September 2016

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Gallipoli, Turkey

AVOID THE CROWDS - Our Guides are special. Very special. They surround the tour in the context of the weapons and tactics employed at the time And they do more than this. They can take their group to sites unvisited by the majority of parties. This may be the ridges, gullies and beaches of Gallipoli or equally the restaurants, bazaars and shops in the vibrant city of Istanbul. When the group returns to the UK they will not have done a tour – they will have been on an adventure.


29 Sep to 06 Oct 2016

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Vimy 2017

2017 - and the centenary of the historic Battle of Vimy Ridge on April 9 1917, will be without doubt one of the most auspicious and historic centenary events in the history of Canada. Advance interest in the event is already immense, with thousands already making plans to attend this ‘once in a lifetime’ event along with dignitaries and heads of state from all over the world. Interest is intense and accommodation space is already most limited for attendance at this very special event. We would be delighted if you can join us for this ‘once in a lifetime‘ event, honouring the heritage of all Canadians and the birthplace of modern Canada. 

Spirit of Remembrance is also honoured to be the official Tour Operator for the Vimy Foundation and will be operating a further set of special tours for the Vimy Foundation IN 2017. Full details to be announced shortly.

Western Front Introduction Tour

Join us on a tour of introduction to one of the most fascinating parts of the history of the Twentieth Century. Our experienced and expert guides will bring to life a story of passion, bravery, insanity and disaster. This was a time of innovation with new technology coming to dominate the battles. This was a time in which men tried to survive within the madness often simply called ‘Hell’. You cannot fail to be moved by the ceremony at the Menin Gate or the ranks of me who laid down their lives and now lay in rows in France and Belgium.

09-12 Sep 2016

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NEW Remembering Edith Cavell

Award winning author Terri Arthur has created a tour about Edith Cavell, who was an amazing woman and nurse. The tour begins in her home town of Norwich, continues onto London and then over to Belgium visiting key locations related to her life. The accommodation is very special, Maids Head in Norwich, Park International in London and the historic Hotel des Colones in Brussels. This is a very special tour for nurses and people interested in the civilian side of war - the incredible bravery and heroism of this amazing woman who nursed soldiers of all nationalities and help over 200 Allied soldiers escape. T

** This tour was inspired by Terri Arthur's book. We are privileged to have Terri join us for the tour and she will give a lecture. Information about Terri Arthur and her book **

09-16 Oct 2016

Ardennes Belgium - The Battle of the Bulge

As a battleground it is spectacular with wooded mountains and ancient buildings. As a battle it has both human and historical interest – it was the greatest pitched battle ever fought by the Americans. It was also one in which 20 year old Audie Murphy would win the Medal of Honor and so would George B. Turner who at 45 would be the oldest enlisted man in the US Army to win America's highest award for bravery.

05-09 Oct 2016

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Canadians at War - WW2

This tour tells the story of Canada’s involvement in two of the iconic operations of the Second World War – the Dieppe raid in 1942 and the Normandy campaign that began on D-Day 6th June 1944. For Canadians this will be an insight into the fortitude and resolve of their forces as they fought the best of the German Army.

08-13 July 2016

09-14 September 2016

£899 pp twin share

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Normandy 1944 - Beyond the Beaches

This tour will look at operations of the Anglo-Canadian armies of 21st Army Group initially in trying to fix the German forces in the eastern bridgehead in order to support American breakout operations further west. We then follow their drive out of the bridgehead to join up with American forces. This led to the destruction of the German Army in Normandy in what became known as the battle of the Falaise Pocket.

09-13 Jun 2016
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D-Day Landings

Join us on a journey through the landings and battles that changed the course of History. We will underpin some stereotypical views as almost accurate, while debunking other myths. We will take you to the iconic locations. One is Omaha Beach where so many young Americans lost their lives on a windswept stretch of sand. Another is the paratroop drop in the dark of night to take and hold the vital Pegasus Bridge crossing. This is a voyage of discovery and understanding for every member of our group. This is an exciting opportunity to walk in the footsteps of heroes.

** Check Out our D-Day Photo Library! **

05-09 June 2016

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We will be offering, for the first time, an opportunity to visit a city that is at the heart of the history of the past 100 years. Whether it is WW1, the inter war period featuring Wiemar and the rise of the Nazis, WW2 or the Post War period of Cold War hostility, Berlin has been at the center of events.

06-09 Sep 2016

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Operation Market Garden (Arnheim, The Netherlands)

Take the Spirit of Remembrance Operation “Market Garden” tour and you will understand the thinking behind Field Marshal Montgomery's daring attempt to cross the lower River Rhine using airborne forces and ground troops. Our tour is a tribute to the men who fought so heroically, often against impossible odds, and the Dutch people who helped them.

15-19 Sep 2016

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Krakow - Auschwitz (Poland)

Join us on a tour to Krakow and the heart of Hitler’s reign of terror - Auschwitz. There are few names that stand for the horror of the Nazi reign over Europe quite like that of Auschwitz. A death camp cannot tell the true nature of a place that turned killing into a mechanized process, humans into a raw material and murder into a factory system. The attempted genocide of Jews, Gypsies and other demonized groups is one which we all still find hard to explain. This is a special tour not to be missed as we tell an incredible story about a time and place – and more than one nation.

22-25 Sep 2016

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Spirit of Remembrance will return to Dieppe to honour the men who fought and died that summer morning. Your guide Tim Stoneman, is a Commander in the Royal Navy and has taken numerous tours studying the lessons that can still be learned from the operation and tours for those interested in the significant event.

Sample itinerary for for private group tours

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Indian Army in the Great War

The Indian Army during World War I served in the European, Mediterranean and the Middle East theatres of war. Over one million Indian troops served overseas, of whom 62,000 died and another 67,000 were wounded. In total 74,187 Indian soldiers died during the Great War. Fighting on the Western Front in Belgium and France between 1914 – 1918 Indian soldiers were to win 6 VCs - the highest award for gallantry in both the British or Indian armies. Join us for this eye opening new tour, honouring these brave men who fought and died - so far away from home in a war they neither knew or understood..

Sample itinerary for private group tours

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Kitchener's Army & the Pals Regiments

Lord Kitchener's (Minister for War) introduced the volunteer 'New' army in 1914 . His concept was to introduce a volunteer 'New' army in contrast to the Territorials, that he regarded as an amateur 'town clerk's army'.The New Army was often called 'Kitchener's Army' or Kitchener's Mob. All five of the new army groups were made up of volunteer recruits, which included the famous "Pals" Battalions, with men drawn from the same regions, workplaces and neighbourhoods. The New Army was in the thick of fighting on the Western Front for 3 years with appalling casualties. The Pals battalions also suffered terrible casualties and were all but decimated by 1917, with dire consequences after the war back in Great Britain with so many men from the one area killed and wounded. Join us for this tour of the battlegrounds where the New Army fought and in particular the fighting prowess of the Pals, where so many friends died so tragically together.

Sample itinerary for private group tours

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Mons 1914 - 1918 Armistice tour(NOV) and First and Last Shot tour

The defense of the Belgian mining town of Mons in 23-24 August 1914 has an important and traditional place in British military history. It was among the slag heaps and along 1 miles of the Mons-Condé Canal that the men of the 2nd Corps of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) covered the 21 bridges across the canal. It was said that the accurate marksmanship and speed with which British soldiers operated their bolt action SMLE rifles convinced the Germans that they had come under fire from machine guns.

Sample itinerary for private group tours

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Malaysia in Conflict 1941-1966

(Singapore extension available)

Come with us in a tour that crosses the peninsula focusing on an outstanding nation. Our tour will give you a unique opportunity, with your experienced guide, to gain an insight into the rich background of the nation we can see today. The Malayan peninsula has seen dramatic events three times since 1941. Between December 1941 and February 1942 Commonwealth forces fought a losing battle against Japanese invaders that culminated in the fall of Singapore. The Malayan Emergency from 1948 – 1960 Between 1963-66 several small scale Indonesian incursions took place.

Sample itinerary for private group tours

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British Malaya World War 2

(Singapore extension available)

Malaya, as part of the British Empire, found itself at war with Japan even before the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbour. The brief campaign in late 1941 and early 1942 was intense and dominated by land battles with one major sea confrontation. The Japanese swept all before them. Join us as we take you to visit the sites of the main battles as the British withdrew to their island stronghold of Singapore. We will also visit the site of the seas battle which saw the end of the battleship HMS Prince of Wales.

Sample itinerary for private group tours

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Malaya Peninsula & Sarawak

(Singapore extension available)

Our tours are tailor made for Commonwealth servicemen and women or their relatives who served in Malaysia during World War 2, the Emergency (1948-60) or during the period of Confrontation (1962-66). For the perfect holiday, full of surprises, an opportunity to visit the places that you or your relative never had time for, and in rather more comfort.

Sample itinerary for private group tours

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Malaya Peninsula & Sabah

(Singapore extension available)

Join us in a tour that covers the story of Sandakan and the death marches which is one of the most tragic of World War Two. It is also one of the most heroic. Despite appalling conditions, the prisoners never gave up. Their heroism, their determination and their indomitable spirit are testimony to the strength of the human spirit and an inspiration to all. Of the 2434 prisoners incarcerated at Sandakan, 1787 were Australian. The remaining 641 were British. Our tour will give you a unique chance, with your experienced guide, to gain an insight into the rich background of the nation we can see today in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Sample itinerary for private group tours

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The Western Front through the Poets eyes

Our tour is not an academic study of works of literature. Instead it sets the poems and writings into context by taking you to locations on the Western Front where the authors, some known but others less well-known, experienced the events that would form the basis of their writings. The poets covered include, in alphabetical order: Asquith, Binyon, Blunden, Brittain, Brooke, Gibson, Graves, Halliday, Herbert, Hodgson, Leighton, Owen, Rickward, Rosenberg, Seeger, Sassoon, Sorley, Vernede, and Winterbotham.

Sample itinerary for private group tours

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Tunnellers - the real "Birdsong"

Underground warfare was not a First World War innovation but it was waged on both sides with a ferocity every bit as intense as the war above ground. This tour takes you to the places where that underground war was fought and explains how it developed from 1915 to 1918. We will tell you stories of the Tunnellers and their sacrifices and show you the remains of their endeavours. This was not ‘Birdsong’ – this was real and infinitely worse.

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War Horses - the battlefield tour

For thousands of years the Horse has been a soldier's steed, beast of burden and companion in war. In this unique tour Spirit of Remembrance honours the relationship forged between man and horse in the "War to end all Wars". Come with us to France and Belgium, walk the ground, visit the memorials - and the clatter of hoofs, whinnying of horses and the laughter of the soldiers will echo back to you from nearly a century ago.

Sample itinerary for private group tours

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POW Commemoration Tours to Taiwan

We are pleased an proud to be working with the Taiwan P.O.W. Camp Memorial Society in Taiwan. Together we are here to assist you in visiting the locations of the camps and commemorating the memory of family and friends.

An introduction from Michael Hurst MBE, Director, Taiwan POW Camps Memorial Society

Sample itinerary for private group tours
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