British Malaya WW2 Battlefield Tour

Malaya, as part of the British Empire, found itself at war with Japan even before the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbour. The brief campaign in late 1941 and early 1942 was intense and dominated by land battles with one major sea confrontation. The Japanese swept all before them. Join us as we take you to visit the sites of the main battles as the British withdrew to their island stronghold of Singapore. We will also visit the site of the seas battle which saw the end of the battleship HMS Prince of Wales.

Our tour will give you the opportunity to gain an insight into a wonderful nation and its past. This can truly be said to be a once in a lifetime experience balancing history with the modern day vibrant multicultural community. Come with us to take a unique tour with an experienced guide learning about the history and culture of this wonderful country.

Sample itineraries are available just ask us for details


UK travellers should ensure that they hold a valid EHIC (EU Health card) in addition to their own health insurance

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This made our eyes very moist.. Amazing men. Brave beyond belief.
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This will be truly truly amazing. Legendary film make Peter Jackson is working on a film for WW1 using old archival…
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Spirit of Remembrance posted a page
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Fantastic! Well done fellas! Ummm.. and what has Australia done recently for these remaining warriors.. Just asking…
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